What is so great about the Grand Strand?

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A quick search on Wikipedia will explain that the Grand Strand is:

"a large stretch of beaches on the East Coast of the United States extending from Little River to Georgetown in the U.S. State of South Carolina. It consists of more than 60 miles along an essentially uninterrupted arc of beach land, beginning around the Little River and terminating at Winyah Bay.”

A tourist on vacation might describe the Grand Strand as the perfect place for Summers spent soaking up the Carolina sunshine, surfboards, flip flops, resort pools, tan lines, friendly people and traditions of eating at Peach’s Corner. He/She may say that the best seafood in the world is found at the Sea Captains House, a family tradition since the 1930's, or at the All-you-can-eat crab-leg buffet of Captain George's. They might tell you about how much fun they have at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, located just across from the ocean on Ocean Boulevard, in the heart of Myrtle Beach. They might describe the nervous feeling you get riding the old, wooden Swamp Fox roller-coaster or how your stomach turns to butterflies as you rush down the Log Flume. 

A snow-bird may describe the Grand Strand as a warm respite from the snow, a slower pace to enjoy the winter months, meeting familiar faces year after year that become dear friends. Many can tell you about returning year after year to enjoy the nostalgic charm of Ocean Drive Beach, home of the famous Shag dancing. They might explain how enjoyable the beaches can be in the more quiet months, less traffic and a shorter line at Hoskin's.  

From a local, you are likely to hear a much broader perspective of what the Grand Strand truly is: History, culture, heritage...the Grand Strand is rich with each. As locals, we know that Southern charm and hospitality are traits written into the fabric of the residents of the Grand Strand area, not an act that we learn in order to sell souvenirs.
Growing up so close to the coast, any random weekend may end up full of bathing suits and boogie boards. It was never something considered to be a luxury, but instead, an outlet of fun, an accepted way to replace a boring day with waves and happiness. 

What is so great about the Grand Strand? I'd say just about everything ❤️

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