The Power of Words

The Power of Words
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With the first week of 2019 already behind us, the Traci Miles Team has been wonderfully busy putting into action the plans we made in preparation for the new year! While celebrating the growth and success of 2018, we have also put a great focus on setting goals for 2019, both as individuals and as a team. It is our goal as the Traci Miles Team to offer the very best real estate service along the Grand Strand. 

Each of us were challenged with the task of selecting a key word to focus on for the coming year. Words do not create reality, however there is no argument that they have a great impact on the way we see, feel and plan our lives. By creating a key word for 2019, you set the tone for your goals and actions. In the spirit of inspiration, we will share our key words for 2019. 

JOY is my key word for the New Year! Knowing the inward joy that comes from trusting God and the happiness that comes from having good circumstances surrounding you. Remembering that inward joy is lasting and happiness is temporary. Striving to see the joy in all we do in pleasure and in business. Turning lemons into lemonade and share the love! ~ Traci 

COURAGE does not always roar- most often times it is a still, small voice giving us the nudge to take one small step at a time. The word that will be my guide for 2019 is Courage. With courage, I will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. My goal is to be more courageous in deed and in thought- to have courage to be more faithful, daring, generous, kind and compassionate. Courage is the foundation of Integrity. Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you can't. ~ Mandi

DISCIPLINE is my key word for 2019. Everything starts with disciplining yourself to do what needs to be done. You will be happy with the outcome in the future. Discipline in what you do! You cannot achieve your goals without self discipline in your schedule and actions! ~ Trent

PREVENT is my word for this year. So many positive, joyful and fulfilling times will happen when you prevent outside influence from altering your frame of mind. Many times, it will be impossible to prevent outside influence but I will do my best to prevent it from altering my focus or stealing my joy. I am so deeply thankful for what God has provided for me and for my family. Looking forward to 2019 with gratitude and love in my heart. ~ Arlene

FOCUS is my 2019 goal word. A mind full of ideas and a heart full of good intentions is wonderful, yet useless without the focus on each task to see it completed. The chaos of a day can quickly run away with you without a plan and the focus to complete your tasks. My goal for 2019 is to focus intentionally on each task, to BE in the moment, not so pre-occupied with thinking of the next step that the importance of the present task is lost. ~ Amanda 

Sacrifice Romans 12:1-2 comes to mind. At times in life, we may sacrifice many things; our time and closeness to God, our fellowship, through selfish decisions, but God calls us to sacrifice according to Him. My husband and I are currently reading in the book of Job. The story tells of a man who lost everything and more...but gained it back ten-fold because he held hope in his heart, the one thing that could not be taken from him, and he remained faithful - he repented, he prayed, and forgave others. My goal for 2019 is to sacrifice as God calls me to do. ~ Jama

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